I am a Web Designer, currently at ESPN. Formally at IMPACT. Now get to the scrolling : )

By Morning

I'm not working out. Or watching sunrises. I drink coffee. That is all.

By Day

When the top ideas, concepts, inspiration and office banter come together.

By Evening

It's time to hang spending time with the girlfriend and dog. Also when I'll grab the guitar for some blues or acoustic riffin'.

By Night

A beer or two. If I'm not with friends/family, I'll be surfing inspiration for the next day.

Featured Work:


A blog title generator that gives the user full control and participation. Built on the HubSpot COS using jQuery and PHP for main functionality, and Animate.css for transition effects.

BlogAbout is widely recognized throughout the industry being mentioned in interviews by leaders at HubSpot, talks at Content Marketing World, and even made its way into best-selling author, Ann Handley's new book being released this September.

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The Toolbox

There're countless tools out there for designers and developers nowadays. Below are some of tools and platforms I use most often.

CodeKit - Incident57
SublimeText 3
Twitter Bootstrap
Animate CSS
jQuery JS Library
Sass Lang
Adobe Typekit
Modernizr JS